We at "Megastar" are an important link between the farmers for the procurement of wheat and the producers of wheat products, so we need to have a strong Supply Chain management (SCM) for our products. Supply Chain Management is one of the best business practices implemented in our company which includes the movement and storage of raw material, work in process, inventory and finished goods. We have a fleet of Bulkers/Closed Body Containers & Canters for ensuring round the clock supply.

We are committed to provide best quality products to our customers at the right time and the right place and we provide 24x7 services to our customers. Our Supply Chain strategies constitute a system chain that work together efficiently to provide customer satisfaction at the end point of delivery to the consumer.


We are highly organized in terms of our work flow mechanism, by established and implemented traceability system that enables the identification of product batches to lot of raw material, processing and delivery record.

Our system and process have the traceability system that enables us to track the products from one step forward and one step back at any point in the supply chain so that we are able to identify in coming material from the immediate supplier and initial distribution route of the end product.