A 100% subsidiary Company, has been formed for manufacturing, including production and processing, trading, buying, selling, dealing, importing, exporting, all types of packaging materials including but not restricted to cartons, boxes and cases wholly or partly made of papers, thermocol, boards, wood, glass, plastic, rubber, metals, tin or otherwise and glass bottles, glass jars, flasks, casks and glass containers of every description and packing requisite of every kind and description and to construct, erect, establish a factory or factories and work-shops with suitable machines, plants, engines, tools, instruments for manufacturing packing articles and to adopt all processes of manufacture such as cutting, treating, moulding, pasting, binding, shaping, fabricating, or other chemical, mechanical, electrical or manual operations for making packing articles and also to take on hire, rent or acquire, purchase any plant, engines, machinery, tools as referred to above from any person or body or association.